22 08, 2019

Sticker and Pin HYPE

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Are you ready for Fall and Halloween? I am sooooo ready!!! I love this time of year and getting to draw so many fun illustrations. Inktober is coming up too and I'm already planning out what I'll be doing this year for my traditional sketches each day. To kick things off, I’m releasing a very limited Halloween Pin set! The pins are available individually as well as in a [...]

27 03, 2019

The Book List: Favorite Art Instructionals

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Welcome all ye Bookish People! I have a list for you! If there’s an artist in your life or you are one yourself, this reading list may be of interest to you. Being mostly self-taught, I have found priceless resources in several artbooks and reference books from a range of authors, and I always love sharing the inspirations and guiding lights in my art journey. Since my bookshelves are pretty packed and it’s [...]