New Winter/Christmas Designs, Totes, and new Home section in the shop!

Remember Mo in the Snow? She was one of the very first BeKyoot winter-themed designs and the last time she was printed was around 2008-2009! I thought it was high time to bring her back for another season of snowy twirlin’! In addition to these I have added many other awesome products to the shop including an expanded line of greeting cards, a brand new home section, and lots of awesome new totes!! Lots of exciting things going on this month!! :) Please do check it out along with the new goodies I just added (just click on the pics above!)! Keep checking back for new stuff! Next up is the redesign of this bad boy right here…! What you’ll be seeing is a lot of new content, the webcomic front and center (and updated much more often!) and lots of other fun stuff. I post a lot of what I’m currently working on to my Instagram, so if  you want to peek behind the curtain, that’s the spot to go! *^___^*

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